Are GUNS important??

Guns are dangerous..... - A guns is a weapon which is use to kill and t protect a living person. It can be used as a massive weapon to force somebody to do something in exchange of the life they had, for the reasin that it can kill them.

Why use these weapons to kill, if it is made to protect. Why used these weapon to control if it is can be used to deal the right thing to do the right.

Guns are dangerous anf it souldn`t be used at bad events.
May 3, 2007 1:02am CST
Looking here at my own country, the Philippines. The changing of new candidates for a new government is coming very sooner.(Or the old one`s will stay in their same place.). Actully, I just want to ask to someone if guns are needed during election just to protect some known candidates? Rather than bringing peace to the country they making quarells to one another. Rather than peace they used to make war. Why? Can`t they have a good and peaceful election to continue defending and getting their desired position on what important poewer thaey wanted.
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