Mrs. Dempsey was a grand old Lady!

@marciascott (25554)
United States
May 3, 2007 3:07am CST
This is a woman I used to work for, She was one of the richest women in Bratnael, Ohio I use to do Private Duty Nursing for her. she must of been about 98, she was 104 when she died. She really enjoyed life. she was so popular in her building. She stayed in a Retirement Home. she did not need much care she could do everything for her-self. She would invite everyone over for Cocktails. around 5 o'clock each day she would do this. she would have 5 to 10 over her apartment everyday for cocktails. I would make something to snack on fancy dishes she loved it so did the people. everyday she would sit there, and say let's see who will flock in here. I would laugh at her. she loved company, I think that what kept her alive all thoughs years. I really Miss Jeanette Dempsey, she had a brother named Phillip Johnson he was a famous archicutech, he build building all over the world. he would come to see her. everytime he would come that whole building would welcome him and they would give him big parties. If you know anything about Cleveland He build or designed The Cleveland Play-House, He also build a Glass house. he had buildings all over the world he build. Building in New York. the man was smart. so was his sister Mrs. Dempsey. She really did live a good life, when I become her age I want to be just like she was. she really enjoyed her life. Live Well, Love Much, and Laugh Often.that was her whole life. I just wanted to tell you the story about Mrs. J. Dempsey, I always think about here from time to time. she was a sweet old lady. Everyone have a good day! marcie
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