Keeping more than one bank account - how many bank accounts do you have

@SHINE333 (1284)
May 3, 2007 4:32am CST
I think this is better to distribute the investment and saving. Having more than one account also may help to withdraw cash as per the brach available. I used to make many accounts as per the cash available with me.
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• Netherlands
9 May 07
I have couple of bank account from different banks. I like to separate them....for business account, saving account, for paying bills account and one for daily account.
@resa77 (52)
• United States
6 May 07
I have multiple accounts at multiple banks. I have my primary checking at my main bank, along with a savings account where I save for my car insurance and a savings account for vet bills. Then I have our household checking and household savings at another bank. And THEN I have four savings accounts at ING online - one for emergency savings, one for saving for a vacation, one for saving for medical bills, and one for saving for Christmas. Out of sight out of mind works really well for Savings Accounts that I don't have to have access to very often and the interest (over 4%) is much better than what I would get in a traditional brick and mortar bank.
@popey88 (174)
• Netherlands
3 May 07
i have 2 accounts. 1 normal and 1 "saving" account i need to pay some bills, and have money reserved for that, so the money i need to pay bills is on my normal account. all of my own money is on my saving account. it gives a little intrest, and if i need it for something i want to buy for myself, i can transfer it and in 1 day it's on my normal account. and if i need it immediatly i aks my parents for a 1 day loan ;) by doing it this way, i can never spend money that i need to use for paying bills.