May 3, 2007 4:35am CST
auto-surfing is a form of online advertising that purportedly generates ad revenue for companies that wants to increase traffic to their website. While auto surfing may sound easy and appealing- and risk free- there can be a hitch. some auto surf programs requires their surfers to pay to participate, although perhaps not initially. When you first sign up to auto surf, the firm might assign a limited number of sites for you to visit and pay you accordingly. Once you made a modest amount of money the firm might encourage -or evev require- you to purchase "a membership" so you can maximize your earnings. the program will promise high - -often double or triple digit - return on your investment in the program often within days or weeks of joining. The line you hear the more you click the more you collect. But the reality is that any scheme require you to pay to participate - and promise handsome rewards in no time at all for little to no effort on your part - bears many of the hallmarks of a pyramid scheme. These schemes lokk deceptively legitimate because the fraudster behind them typically use money coming in from new recruits to pay off early stage investors. But eventually the pyramid will collapse when it gets too big. It's simply not possible to "rob - Peter - to - pay - Paul" forever. I need an opinion from the readers regarding to this article ^_^
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• China
7 May 07
what you said increased my knowledge about auto-surfing,thank you haha:)
@Darkwing (21588)
3 May 07
I would never pay an auto surf site to join. I would test them out to see whether they paid my free account, and if not, I would be gone. Besides this, they muck up your computer, causing it to run slow and they drop in a lot of popups, so as far as possible, I refrain from using the autosurfs. Brightest Blessings.