Writing a Puzzle Story

@healwell (1268)
Ahmedabad, India
May 3, 2007 5:30am CST
Those who are interested in writing could be prefer to write story, I mean puzzle story! Well here is some thing which may clarify more: What ever kind of story but it should have puzzle in the overall apearence! Mostly created by an issue or main theme or connected with the character: And written in short manner with short paragraphs, not strictly; but aproximately! Here is one examle: They all have tried but they were unable to find out the answer or say solution! So one person suggested that "let's go to the Master. I am sure we will have the solution." Other few nodes in the favour so the whole crowd went to the Master. he asked, "Whats the matter?" "Well, Sir! Shivam has stayed around the area of gazing land, slept there for three days and then suggested the east corner for the well!" "That is ok to me. He knows the art of finding the water streams under goround very well! So he can say... but where is the problem?" Master asked with an emphasis. "The leader of the village is asking for assurence in writing. How this could be possible? this is an art and for that this kind of the process would be dangerous; because if water could not flow after digging then he will have the right to get new place and the anount spent on that should be paid by Shivam!" "Oho! Smart step by the leader! well but dont worry. Here is the solution!" Master said and looked at the crowd. All were ready with streatching their ears to hear the solution! Listen carefully! Tell him to answer this puzzle because this is related with water matter, right?" The Master added, "IF SOME ONE IS WRITING ON THE SURFACE OF THE WATER, WHO WILL BE ABLE TO READ THAT?" "WHO?" four-five voices suddenly murmured with the counter question but the Master said, "Now go and ask the leader and if he is unable to reply then he should allow Shivam to go ahead for the well! After all the well is for people not for the leader, right? "Right!" The crowd went to leader's house... NOW HERE IS THE PUZZLE FOR YOU MY FRIEND: IS THERE ANY ANSWER? IF YES THEN WHAT'S THAT? WHY? CLARIFY WITH YOURSELF AND THEN PUT HERE! AND YES WHO WILL POST NEXT PUZZLE STORY NOW?
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@howhigh (758)
• Canada
4 May 07
Well at first i was confused there are three groups. Shivam is the well digger and he's looking for the best spot and this could take more than one try or extra resources until ground is broken. Now the crowd is getting restless and produces a leader who demands water and whats this in a written contract. The first "group" Shivam is the Artist of the situation and he must use his skill to help the crowd. The 2nd group is the crowd, included is the leader and the third party mentioned is the Master. It seems that the master has the ultimate appeal in the situation and he makes the challenge to "if someone is writting on the surface of the water, who will be able to read that?". This is supposedly directed to the leader and generally the group. Now first of all what sort of answers are there to get? Well I think the masters challenge may be internally flawed but ultimately he proves a valid point and that there is an answer or at least a directive for the group as a whole (all three). There is also another interesting subtlety that a corner was mentioned in the possible places to digg a well the crowd seems to suggest that the area that is usable for the well is limited.. but this may not be the case entirely. What the master says is that what we do not know how much water Shivam will find and that the Master is not responsible to guarantee any water by contract. By the words of the master i think that he thinks he is wise and his challenge is meant to remind everyone that the water is for everyone. the 3 pieces are apart of the whole which the master is just elevated enough to notice and mention to his cohort. I feel like i just repeated the story back to you.. i am interested in discussion though i can see the contrasting philosophies that can be adopted by the master or the crowd in this situation. I don't know if i am ready to construct a puzzle.. but i'll keep it on my mind.
• United States
3 May 07
That's a pretty good story. Never heard of puzzle stories.