I HAVE NO STAR ! How do you get a star in my Lot

United States
May 3, 2007 6:53am CST
I have'nt been on my lot long but I noticed that every one eles has a star.Well almost every one so how do I get one I dont under stand I post I respond,and I rate what am I doing wrong.HELP
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@Inky261 (2524)
• Germany
3 May 07
You will just have to make a couple more posts and then you will have a star, too. You get it after 100 posts here. I wanted one, too. It looked so nice that I just had to have one. So keep posting, it is not only fun and you make money but it is the only way to get a star.
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@bcote212 (1113)
• United States
3 May 07
You will recieve a star once you reach 100 posts. Your star is basically your reputation on mylot, and will be somewhere between 1-10. Though I have never seen anyone with a 1 LOL. It is kind of like a grade in school each point would represent 10 points. so If you look at my star I have a 10 basically meaning that I have a 100. You want to make sure that you are selecting a best responce, and give posisitive or negative feedback when you post questions. This is formulated into the persons star rating. You are so close, you should have s nice big star soon.
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
3 May 07
You will get a star you get one automatically once you have reach a certain amount of posts, don't warry you will get a nice shiny one... :)
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@repzkoopz (1895)
• Philippines
3 May 07
you'll see your star when you reach 100 points.. so that means you're a few posts short for your star. c",)
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@banban (602)
• China
3 May 07
I also have such doubt about it.Now I have the answer.Thank you and thank all of the people who give me the answer.
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@maevic (821)
• Bahrain
3 May 07
I'm not really sure why you don't have star. But probably nobody has given you any rating yet. Anyways, i will try to give you some ratings on your discussions and let's see if you will get any stars after that. If I were you I will also feel bad. It's like you are standing in a classroom and everybody got their stars and you don't. I would really feel bad. Just we'll try this thing that I will rate you and see if there will be any development. If no, let's ask mylot why you don't have stars.