You Are Unique!

@deeeky (3667)
Edinburgh, Scotland
May 3, 2007 12:43pm CST
Did you know that scientist still haven't been able to figure out the number of possible combinations of DNA molecules? The best they've been able to do is provide an estimate: 2.4 billion to the power of 10! That's an incredible number when you consider that the possible combinations of all particles in the universe amount to only 76 to the power of 10! As you can see, that is vastly less than the possible combinations DNA, which form your identity. So scientifically speaking, you are unique! There's no chance of ever finding another person exactly like you on the planet. And you can also be sure that there never has been - and never will be - two identical human beings in the entire universe. So why waste time and energy trying to fit into a mould? To be like someone else? You are unique, and thus radically different, no matter what you think and no matter what you do.
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