Telling a lie is more sweeter than speaking the truth..

May 3, 2007 6:12pm CST
Have you ever been in a situation cheating someone? I always find it fun and very interesting,than when you are telling the truth. This is something i ve experienced, That person would infact want more and more from you!! The person becomes more attentive and imagines the whole scenario, remember, he/she does'nt know that its untrue!! Have you ever been in that situation?
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• United States
3 May 07
OK. i found this discussion very hard to interpret. I'm going to try to respond anyway because i think, if i understand it correctly, it could have potential for a good discussion. This is what i understood from your topic. Have i have been in a situation where i cheated? You find it fun, more fun still when you lie about it. The person would want more form you, "the person" being who you cheated ON ill assume, because you mentioned after that "the person" doesn't know about it. You also mentioned that in your experience this made "the person" "more attentive". This is my answer. No i have not been in this situation. It seems to me that what you have done is play a game. Cheat and don't tell, and keep it exciting. I don't know why this would make the person you're with want you more. Perhaps you mean He/She feels they are losing you and begin to try harder to keep you? I think i'll just say that seems like a nasty thing to do to someone. ( IF i understood this correctly. my answer may sound really ridiculous to some other people here who may have read this differently). Also, if i had been in this same situation, I'd be NUTS about keeping this lie. You however, seem to find it to be great fun. Can you respond here and tell me if i read it right? and then explain what it is about this situation you find so exciting?
• Philippines
3 May 07
yes i have been, it was funny at first but later on i regretted it i just don't feel so good with myself when i lie, it feels like i couldn't trust myself sometimes. Its better to be honest for you to get honest results. like say i made a mistake and i would rather accept the consequences. you must face the fact that a little lie could grow big along with your mistakes.