What should I do because I still love her?

May 3, 2007 8:20pm CST
Hello People This is something about my life I recently came to UK before six months from India. I met a girl in UK which was from the place where i lived in India. I worked with her in a company. I fell in love with her. Before i fell in love I knew that she had a boy friend in India but her mother told me that her boyfriend was not trust worthy. I finally ended up in asking her to marry me and i told her that I love You. She agreed to my proposal and then I talked to my parents in India about her. All was going fine and suddenly she asked for a break up. I let her go on her way. Now after 3 months she met me again and asked me to be with her as her friend as that made her happy. I tried that but hiding my feelings for her didnot work out. I still love her. I am on the verge of making up my mind to either be with her and die daily or just quit and stay away from her. People Help me out please.
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