What should you do if your account was unable to log in??

@jocson (96)
May 3, 2007 9:03pm CST
I think it wasn't a log in problem for my wife. She did some mistake and when myLot punished her she freaked out. She made several discussions regarding what happened to hear but then it was also deleted. And after that she was now unable to log in. We just wanna know, will she be able to log in again or no more!? Is she blocked already!? Or shes just suspended!? I think she's still trying to contact myLot. Who had this experience, we really don't know what to do? Please help us.
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• Grand Junction, Colorado
5 May 07
My understanding is that your not to post public disagreements with mylot even if they aren't bad. Anything that you may be disputing can be termed a disagreement. Since it states this in the guidelines I would assume that she won't be able to log into her account again. I don"t know what she did wrong to begin with but all warnings should be taken very seriously from mylot. Many members have had this happen from not taking a warning seriously. Even if it didn't comeon the form of an email, but let's say that a discussion was deleted and then the member uploaded the same or similar discussion that can be taken from mylot to mean that you aren't adhering to the warning and they can suspend you permanently. The same can be said about a responding. Copy/pasting is a direct violation and can have accounts suspended with no warning. My understanding is that accounts are suspended sometimes all posts that the member did are removed this is usually because they were taken from other sites. The profile would still remain. I can't say that I ever saw a profile removed at mylot. Unless mylot decides to reinstate it I would gather that it's permanent. Like I said I don't know what your wife did to be able to give better understanding. So not sure if I have helped or not. :)
@jocson (96)
• Philippines
6 May 07
She got no warning at all. All of her posts was just deleted in a sudden. When she asked myLot why did they deleted her posts is that she was reported for doing multiple responses. Now we wanna know if she'll be able to use her account or no more. She has more than $10 with that account. We have mailed the mylot staff as of now they haven't answering. Well hopefully they just suspend her.