Slovak Republic
May 3, 2007 9:42pm CST
i am curious as to wheteher bodybalance might have any traces of shellfish... i am asking because i recently took it and about an hour after i noticed a hive which went away pretty quickly and maybe a reaction to something else in my food/environment, but it could have been body balance as well. i am also allergic to beets and dairy and mushrooms. does it contain any of these ingredients? is body balance considered hypoallergenic? and also, is there somewhere that i can find a list of all the ingredients in it? i know it contains sea vegetables and aloe, but is there a more specific list available? sorry to be a pain, but i took the product years ago (i have developed food allergies since) and it really made me feel great. i loved it and i would love to take it now, but i would like to be safe you know. thanks so much.
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