How do you release strongholds?

@gmbvea (19)
May 3, 2007 10:22pm CST
It seems to be a cycle. You knew you were able to manage a certain situation before, and yet here you are again faced with same old problem, and worse than ever, you cant accept any advantages or logical reasons, for all you know the thing that worries you flourishes at its best. All the while, you'll feel insecured, indifferent,touchy or easily offended,at times irritated... Whatever negative reactions you can think you are capable of reacting or saying at the spur of the moment. Do you know what that thing is? The superficial thing are those that hurt us, from within. The supernatural thing is- it's a spiritual battle. Well, whatever it is- it is also that portion of our SUPPRESSED EMOTIONS OF THE PAST. Unfinished ones. Unconsciously, we deny ourselves of the true fact that we intentionally neglect OURSELVES to be heard. The root of it all- some refuses to accept the situation and- say SORRY for the mistakes-the hardest thing to do. The secret-was told already... elsewhere lies people waiting for us to reckon. Mistakes- delayed or prolonged agony had proven to limit us and deny enlightment of ...simple it may seem, yet big enough to be our...STRONGHOLDS. RELEASING IS THE SOLUTION. How? Whenever there is indifference or bitterness, it is where you need to search and dig. Ask yourself, remember, and be objective. Just before you start all of this, PRAY. Unleashed your burdens, be thankful, and ask for what you desire most. Solving means accepting the truth. Just dont forget to forgive everybody, especially ourselves. I dont know if this makes sense, yet allow me, how do you release and handle your strongholds?
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