How is d role of Peter Parker????????

@naveenlb (277)
May 3, 2007 11:43pm CST
Any one knows???????
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@nash3181 (128)
• Philippines
11 May 07
Tobey Maguire, like in the previous two films, nailed the role of Peter Parker. He playes the character realisitic with enough empathy and emotional context for the audience to root for the potagonist to succeed. The best thing about a role is when an Actor knows the character he is potraying and, with this being the third film, no doubt Tobey Maguire was comfortable as Peter Parker. Even when the scenes feel out of place, Maguire knows how to have fun with it; especailly the montage when he was in "dark Peter Parker" trying to walk the streets of NYC. There are some noticible quirks with his potrayal as Peter Parker, but it had more to do with the clustered and awkward writing of the screenplay and story and depiction of the characters. If the writing of the scene or dialouge suffers, obviously, it would reflect on the way the actors delivers as there were a few moments Tobey Maguire didnt hit the right notes. Example being the scene between him and Mary Jane(Kirsten Dunst) in the park, the way it was told was pure "soap opera" and perhaps neither of the actors felt comfortable doing the scene. Overall there a few issues with his acting, but still a performance sufficient enough to keep the confusing narrative in a cohesive web.
• India
6 May 07
Role of peter parker is nice and a bit close to human than a super hero.He tried to make MJ jealous by dancing with other girl in front of MJ and he accept that he needs Harry help to control the two villains in the movie.