How will you show your love?

May 4, 2007 2:03am CST
Love is simple word in four alphabet. then this word is feel by alot of people in this world. every people know this word and can feel this word. from child, teenager, adult until the oldest people. well they always think love is a good ways to show our respect to another people. at this moment we also can say love can change our world. it makes our bad world become happy or our happy world become bad. it is because of this word. so i think love is very important think in this case. to how will you show your love to another person such as your mom, your dad, brother and ssister, friends or maybe girlfriend and your boyfriend. we can show our love with word or act. if just with word so we cannot proven nothing to our people that we love. and if we just use our act they will missunderstanding with us. so it is so complecated in this time. but we can make them togetherness. we can show our love with word and act. so they will happy and understand with our love. but if you should to choose one of them which one would you choose? Will u choose show love with word? or will u choose show love with act? Whatever you choose it depends from your heart and your personality and it is also will show however you love with them. so one again which one would you choose will you choose SHOW LOVE WITH WORD OR SHOW LOVE WITH ACT? and why did u choose that ways to show your love?
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@hollowheart (1572)
• India
4 May 07
Love might be a very small word but execuing real love is too tough and ha a big meaning. I think the easiest way to show love is to be very caring and supportive yet scolding or denying the bad, but also holding hands and guiding them through thick and thin of life to the best roads of life.