What will you do if you are die tommorow?

May 4, 2007 4:53am CST
We never know when we will life or die. We also never know what will happen with us in this time so we just follow the role to make it better than yesterday. I will thinking again if i standing here and suddenly i fall down and tommorow i already die. so if i know i will die tommorow the first thing that i want to do now is going to see snow. Because i like with snow and i never see it direct. So i will go to japan and see and also playing in snow land. Ofcourse i will play until I statisfied. And if i still have time i will go to the sea to wash my face and take bath there to make my brain refresh. i dont want to stay alone at my home. and i want all of my family accompany me. so what will you do if you are in this case?
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