what would be the best way to say "no"

May 4, 2007 6:11am CST
my ex is asking me back.. how will i say no to the love that he once took away nOw being offered again..
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@LouisJ (490)
• Turkey
4 May 07
just be straight forward and tell him no.if you delay you might give him hope and that is bad
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@maruti800 (354)
• India
6 May 07
turn your head right to left or viceversa.. to say no.. LOL...
@Ashgun (472)
4 May 07
If someone already rejected your love once will never hesitate to do it again afterwards... so never accept this kind of love! It would be preferable if you explain to that person how you felt bad when he went away now you are not prepared to love him again. and also tell that person if ever you and that guy is bad again it will never be as before! i think he will surely understand! but everything depends on how he went away the last time and how much he has hurt you... but do remember that love someone who loves you more that you love that person!