Do you guys have ever been to Turkey?

May 4, 2007 10:29am CST
HELLO, from Turkey. Turkey is one of the most exciting and historical countries in the world.Turkey not only owns fantastic beaches and coasts but also a heritage of history which blends the east and west architectural knowledge. Everyone knows that Istanbul is the home of two civilizations namely Byzantine and the Ottoman empire. These two left its remnants all around the country, making Turkey a center for tourism. And my question is have you ever been to Turkey, and if yes, what is your opinion?
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• Ireland
4 May 07
I have been to many places around the world including Gumbet in Turkey. It is the one place i would go back to and we plan on going back next year some time. The weather was great, the beaches are gorgeous, the food is lovely. Everything from food, drink and clothes are dirt cheap. The people are also very nice and friendly.
• Turkey
4 May 07
By Gumbet ,i suppose you meant Bodrum. that is a lovely place as well. like you said the beaches are gorgeous. I appreciate your feeling about Turkey.
@jayalaksmi (1041)
• India
13 May 08
I have never been to turkey but from this discussion i have gained a lot of information about turkey. I hope turkey is a great place and i would surely like to visit tukey someday. This discussion also provided some information about the history of turkey and it is really interesting.
@liorohit (21)
• Turkey
28 Oct 07
I live in Turkey so i'm bored a little. but everybody must see south beaches and Ayasofya Mosque.