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May 4, 2007 11:53am CST
I just tried to repond to a discussion and could no use a descriptive word that had no bad meaning however my lot banned it making it hard to describe what i meant i was tryint to name what the juice left after you cook turnip greens and my lot would not allow me to name it !dont you think this is going a little far with correctness you cant even talk about cooking using the right term???I do
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@PsychoDude (2018)
• Netherlands
4 May 07
Personally I think it shouldn't be needed to be there at all, better would be to simply block out with *'s if mature content is not tagged on rather than not having it go through at all. And your description... I guess you need to know the recipe before you know what it would make :P.
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• United States
4 May 07
what mature content is in turnip greens???