Do you believe you can earn $1000 per day? How?

May 4, 2007 2:31pm CST
So..if you already have any suggestion. i believe you can share with us. i know its really weird to ask you to answer this. but i really need to know that.
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• India
6 May 07
Yes, I believe I can earn $1000 per day. How? 1. I have products that people buy online and earn me big commission. 2. I have some skills to promote my website so I can sell those products online. 3. I am willing to work hard :)
@bjpbunny (348)
• United States
5 May 07
Right, not unless your Donand Trump
@BrainTeaser (1430)
• Pakistan
5 May 07
This question would be bit more appropriate if you have specified whether it has to be online income or some day to day live job income, as in the second case yes its really easy to earn about $1,000 everyday and as i have audited many companies i have seen plenty of people making more than $10,000 daily in net profits but its related to some big businesses and manufacturing processes , now if the question is in first scenario online daily $1,000 , well its tough but not impossible if you have resources and proper marketing skills you can certainly make $1,000 or more even heavy investment might come in handy in this particular scenario. By the way is this the same nurusha of nurusha forum?
@smuggeridge (2157)
4 May 07
be the owner of a big company