where are all of the websites that u can make money online?????

May 4, 2007 7:20pm CST
i'm just wondering i am a stay at home mom and my fiance and i need some extra income but i am not willing to leave my 6 month old girl so i have been looking evreywhere for ligit jobs online that u don't have to put any money down on and i cannot find any!!!! i do not think it is right to pay for a job! so if anyone knows of a good website(in/for canada) can u please tell me thanx.
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• Canada
5 May 07
i'm a part of a few sites that are FREE to join and you earn money from them. The site that i make about $5 a day from, you just upload pictures, videos, blog, etc. i'm a stay at home mom and this site is my main source of income. if you would like an invite to this site, email me at mels_creations@yahoo.ca to see the other money making opportunities i'm a part of, visit my blog www.princessmelokia.blogspot.com