Rebelious or quiet?

@magica (3710)
May 4, 2007 9:42pm CST
Do you often rebel against the rules? Do you find that for you it`s hard to keep the discipline? I have saw some discussions about the temper and the ways of self-control, but the temper is just one of the reasons. Many people are born revolutioners. So do your little revolution right now:-) What will you protest about? And how is your way to protest:quitely, with arguments, sharply or may be a fight?
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• United States
5 May 07
Depending on what I am protesting it can take on different forms, like when we had a union protest we had a walkout and demonstration that was civil but loud. A problem with coworker or manager I handle quietly with pen and paper. A person that cut me off in traffic I might get angry loud depending if my children are in the car. My rebellion can vary.
@whywiki (6070)
• Canada
5 May 07
My hubby and I are rebels and we encourage each other to fight the fight. We are involved in local government politics. You can't complain unless you vote and stand up for what you beleive in. We were instrumental in bringing an union into the workplace. I think that there are a lot of little things in life that need to be protested about but we can only fight so many fights.