I just want to tell you about the love of my life.

@student7 (1002)
United States
May 5, 2007 3:59am CST
I know this may be stupid and corny, but I want to tell you about the love of my life. I married my husband almost twelve years ago. Before that, we were together five years. We were high school sweethearts and went through good and bad times. I guess you could call us oddballs, because we got married so young and are still very happy together. He is my best friend and I can always count on him no matter what. Sure we have our problems and we don't really want to be in the same room when we have a disagreement, but he is my rock and I will not let go of that. When we were dating, everyone, including his mother said we weren't going to last, but we proved them all wrong. I guess you could say it was a challenge for us. I do apologize if I bored you but I felt that I had to share my special person in my life. I appreciate your attention and I hope you find the happiness and love that I have found in my life.
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@mandala100 (50736)
• Hong Kong
11 May 17
A good love story.
• United States
5 May 07
I know that feeling. I've been with my husband 12 years and there were many who thought we wouldn't last either. It's funny how some people think they can tell the future of a couple, just by looking at them. I love my husband and I can't imagine my life without him being in it. To this day people are still amazed at how long we have been together, especially those that thought we would never last. It feels nice once in awhile to prove something that is worth proving to the world that it can be done, despite what other's think.