Are you open to dating your best friends ex?

boyfriend - dating an ex
May 5, 2007 5:15am CST
Are you going to go out with your best friends ex? You have to decide which is important to you, your relationship with your best friend or being true to yourself and feelings!
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@SatoNa (247)
• Indonesia
5 May 07
I think it's depend on my friend. If she broke up with her ex-boyfriend with no fight. and she has had new boyfriend.. also she know that I am closing with her ex-boyfriend and she push me up to with him.. so, why not? maybe first I will feel guilty to my friend. but I think there isn't anything wrong to date with my friend's ex-boyfriend..
• Finland
5 May 07
I would never date my best friends ex, but some other friends ex I could date. Not any close friends ex and that girl should be amazing and date her only if I would be sure that relationship would be worth it. My friends got this awful situation where girl left my friend because of another friend. That relationship would break anyway, but still it was horrible. That one who get girl, lose couple of friends and couple of friends aren't so good friends to him anymore. So there is also that thing. You don't just lose one friend, you might lise couple of friend. That's why girl must be real amazing if I would take her from my friend.
@Marie2473 (8519)
• Sweden
5 May 07
I would NEVER date a guy that one of my friends had been with. Firts out of respect for the friend and after coz it would feel very weird to be intimate with someone who also has been woth your friend...