What you did with your clothes? When you come back home from your work???

May 5, 2007 5:24am CST
when you come back to home from your work. when you change your dress, what you did with your dress. Do you keep your dress in order or hang it in order? or throw your dress in scattered condition on the floor or on the bed? what you do when really you feeling very tired? need your comments. i am always keep my dress in my bed then my wife hang it in the cupboard?
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@Carissimo (262)
• United States
5 May 07
When I get home from work, I immediately remove my work clothes. I am a nurse, so I wear scrubs to work. I dont even want to think about what I bring home on my scrubs after work (gross)! I put my clothes directly into the washer with HOT water and I jump into the shower!
• Pakistan
6 May 07
thanks for your comments, it is quite good.
@bowtieguy (5930)
• United States
6 Jul 07
I usualy do not change untill I get ready for bed, but i make sure to hang up my things nice and neat especialy my suits.
@limcyjain (3523)
• India
8 May 07
after returning from work ido change my clothes and keep them according to the quality of the clothes. I mean clothes which do not need ironing and aredryclean only i store them in my almirah. For clothes which are for noraml wash they are kept in the place meant for washing and others which do not need washing are kept for ironing.