my view on job-hopping

@fdwjay (340)
May 5, 2007 6:58am CST
people's opinions r always different once they talk about job-hopping.those who never change their job throughout their life maintain that they have accumulated enough experience to work smoothly and efficiently,so what's the point in changing to another job? they also firmly believe that anyone who wants to excel in his specialty has to work hard on the same post for years to acquire therequired skill and knowledge. many people think otherwise.on the one hand,if the prsent job can offer neither satisfactory working conditions nor future opportunities,they will not hesitate a moment to leave.on the otherhand,they hold that life is but once and job-hopping can provide rich and exciting experiences. my own opinion is that job-hopping,in this fast-developing information era,has become more than common and acceptable.if we want to keep pace with the times,we have to change for the faster,the higher and the stronger.if life is a journey.we have nothing to regret so long as we put meaning into it .so why not make a change
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