XHTML newbie

May 5, 2007 8:25am CST
hello there! I am a newbie on programming language. I want to know what path will I have to take to quickly master this language in a convenient and easy way. Does anybody out there care to give some advice about this?
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• Indonesia
27 May 07
small correction, it's not programming but scripting.. html or xhtml is just a text file script that need a binary program to interpret. in simple word, xhtml is new version html. both are in "markup language" big family script. xhtml is merger between html and xml. xml used by webservices to exchange data and services that's why we use xhtml now. it's the new member of markup language, most webmaster use it now. (x)html consist layout instruction to construct webpage learning path 1. html by hand (no authoring tools, just text editor, ie: notepad, etc) 2. css 3. xhtml 4. javascript after u finish with 4th step, you become a web2.0 developer and ready for orders.. :))
• Philippines
7 Jun 07
thanks a lot man... for your correction and suggestions...
• Philippines
19 Jul 07
I think, you need to know HTML first before you get into XHTML. HTML and XHTL is pretty much the same. It is just XHTML is more strict because it follows the XML convention in using tags. Being in the Software Engineering industry for more than three years now, I strongly believe that HTML is not a programming language but merely a Markup Language. If you really wish to get into programming, then try the Java or the .NET language. There are also other programming languages out there, but these two, especially Java, are the hottest today. WraithStrider http://www.wraithstrider.com