suicidal tendencies

May 5, 2007 9:03am CST
y is that depression among teenagers has increased these days?is it the lack of proper brought up,or happy homes or is it just that kids these days r becoming over-sensitive? is it proper for a teenager to attempt suicide because he doesn't have good grades in school or because his parents have scolded him?is it the fault of parents for not giving a healthy & happy environment at home? or the kids r over-reacting to every silly thing & being over-sensitive?
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@magica (3710)
• Bulgaria
5 May 07
One of the reasons for it is because they are not prepared to meet the life and it difficulties- the modern teens are more overindulged. They have everything.And the smallest problem or the first rime when they DONT get what they really want- they are choosing the easy way...Sorry to say it.
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• United States
5 May 07
I think magica is on to something, but that's only part of the problem. Kids aren't being taught how to deal with the disappointments in life-or even that disappointment is a normal part of life. But they also aren't getting enough support for the problems and stresses they have. IMO it's a combination of not being prepared for life to throw them any problems, and having those problems minimized or ignored when they happen. And there have always been kids who have real reason to be depressed-a lot of kids out there are in real pain with no one to hear them. Kids also have a hard time seeing past the temporary. If they're in pain now, they may think or feel that they'll be in pain forever.It's normal adolescent thinking, but that's why parenting doesn't stop at 10. And again, a lot of kids out there aren't being parented/supported through this phase of life.
• New Zealand
5 May 07
I think alot of peer pressure and the pressure to fit in and have the right look, looks, and friends plays a huge role amongst young adults these days. There are many other contributing factors, such as family life and environment. Among those the pressure to do well and over achieve too. Our young adults face so many obstacles and challenges it must be overwhelming. being a good friend and someone who just listens helps alot.