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October 21, 2006 9:23pm CST
I posted my earnings on here thinking I would encourage others..A man keeps telling me I am lying..he said Mylot had told him my rank is going all the way down etc.. Why has mylot not told me this.. And if my earnings are showing something ..why am I wrong for sharing my success? I am posting the letter i got from this poster below..If anyone can advise me what to do..I appreciate it: _____________________________ Who responded to your discussion? all_n_one (352) posted this response at 9:15 PM (CST) on 10/21/2006 Response: I would just like to let you know you have been pm'd by other members agreeing with me about you. Your topic has been reported 11 times now and negative post by different people on everything you have posted in this topic. People know that you can not get that much with a rating that low but they post to get there rating up. Your rating is going to go down alot after today and my report has already been responded on and will be delt with in the next bussiness day. So that means monday incase you didn't know people on here think you are lying to get more people to post. All you a! re doing is posting topic after topic and nobody is posting in them. So now you make this one to get up your post count but your rating says it all ...lol. One last in my reponse i got also said people with these type of offenses on mylot will be handled with the updates next week.
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@NailTech (6890)
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7 Feb 12
Yes just ignore, and do not post what your earnings are. That is the best way to avoid such trouble. I will keep my earnings a secret, so that no one can judge me or believe otherwise.