An education on advertising

United States
May 5, 2007 7:17pm CST
Major companies pay big money for advertising on tv,radio, newsprint and big name internet sites because it promotes brand recognition and translates into sales. this is a proven formula for large companies with major advertising budgets. enter low cost pay to click advertising and the flawed business model. these sites advertise "targeted" traffic for advertisers when in reality it is not targeted at all. most anyone who has signed up for the ad sites know that you have to sign up more the max number of interests to recieve the max number of offers and certain answers like income bracket translate into more ad that pay more. 'targeted" is automaticall out the window. another issue is the type of companies advertising on these sites. the vast majority, not all, are scams of one kind or another and people anre't buying. when people don't buy the advertiser pulls there ad leaving less money making opportunities for the paid clickers. the third problem and what advertisers aren't told is that EVERYONE on these sites is on there to make money clicking not spend money so not only is it not targeted traffic it is consumer advertising that does not sell at all. advertising has to benefit the advertiser or the media will eventually fail. in the meantime the company running the ad sites racks up a ton of money, shuts down the site and leaves thousands of clickers with nothing and advertisers with wasted precious ad dollars. step back from what you're doing for a second and look at any of the pay to click sites you are on. how many times have you made a purchase from an advertiser and how many times was it not some kind of scam. chances are you're not buying anything or even really paying attention to the ads. most I have talkedto say they just let the ad timer run down on a page in the background while they do something else online. it's not effective advertising and it can never sustain itself. if you're looking for a good home income opportunity with a honest company that deals with major global brands and not "Bob WIlliams How I went from the poorhouse to 75k a month" program. alot of you are laughing cause i know you've seen this scam a hundred times on your pay to click site. check out the site in my profile. i love the company and the work i do with them.
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