Scientifical theories and god

May 5, 2007 10:32pm CST
Newton's third law of motion says " For every action, there is an equel and opposite reaction" But later it was found that it may not be equel and after each acton and reaction, some energy will be lost. In another sense, we can say that the energy of all the matters will loss continously and one day it will also perish My question is as to whether you will react in the same way others acts with you ?
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@Manoj_s (939)
• India
6 May 07
No exactly ,if some body angry at you it will be better to be calm rather than angry ,being angry will make the other person more angry this may worse the situation .instead if we are calm that will make the other person also calm.i didnt know that it was found out that newtons law is not correct.i beleve that newtons theory is right .I think it would be worth if someperson express love to you and you too react with the same passion,that will improve the relationships.