being old

May 5, 2007 11:19pm CST
Are you afraid of being old? i think many people will be afraid of this.. as some are not prepared for it.. while i do know some even prepared long ago.. they are the type or person that have already accept life..and they know what life's about.. they're ready to be old.. and they know what they're going to face in the future.. how about you? i think ladies are more afraid to be old compared to man.. am i right? actually.. i can't believe it myself that i'm 19 now.. the last time i remember myself was like 3 -4 yesrs ago.. i'm still studying in high school.. now i'm at college.. and soon i'll be working.. life goes on.. and it never stops.. does it mean that we have to treasure every moment we have?
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@kathy77 (7488)
• Australia
6 May 07
Hi Charles, Well to tell you the truth yes I am a bit afraid of becoming old but it is enevitable I cannot stop it and neither can anyone else, but at least I have the love of my children. Yes I think that you could be right. Yes we should treasure each day that we have.
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@pillusch (1149)
• Mexico
6 May 07
I don't think about getting old (I'm just about having mu hands full with getting 'older'), but there is a funny streak in my character: I like to be around old people. It first surfaced when I lived in Greece more than 25 years ago, during harvest time the caf├Ęs were usually empty during the day - except for the old people. They didn't need tv, radio, or the Internet, they just sat there and did - nothing. They didn' even talk. There was always this feeling of eternity I felt when I just sat with them, doing nothing.
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@maddysmommy (16233)
• United States
9 May 07
You know, I don't really know. I'm 36 and I think I am already old LOL I just hope my son doesn't put me in a old peoples home and forgets all about me, I'm afraid that no family members would want to care for me if I need to be when i do become old (i'm talking at least 80 years of age). Thats what I'm more afraid of than anything - being left alone.
@betchai (141)
• Philippines
7 May 07
Learn to enjoy what you have. And when it's time to go, it's easy to accept it, simply because there isn't any other option. But the really important thing is to enjoy the trip while you are alive. As for looks, well if you've got it, flaunt it. If you haven't, tough! I've loved and been loved regardless. Looks really are only skin deep.