Earn Money While Playing A Game On MyLot

@pinokkio (352)
May 6, 2007 12:27am CST
I know everyone's is trying to reach that minimum payout in MyLot so why not play a game here and at the same time increase your earnings? It's something to do while you're trying to come up with ideas for new discussions. --- This is how to play this game: I have a sentence or a word in mind, like a movie, a song, a person, etc.. I write down the numbers of letters with dashes (---) in their place. the next person gives 3 letters of his/her choice. for example, I type: ----- (greeting) and the next player types: H, L, O then my next reply is: H-LLO (greeting) then the next person can solve it: HELLO! (don't worry, it will get harder than this) the same player can post another 3 letters but only if the person who started the word replied. to make the game even more interesting every player gets only 3 shots to get the right letters (3 tries = 9 letters) then he has to make 1 attempt to solve it. if the person with the answer hasn't replied to anything in 3 days, then a new game may be started. and that's it when the word is solved, the person who solved it starts a new one. I'll start: -------- (band)
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