Any chance of visitation in Texas with out taking custody away from parents ?

United States
October 21, 2006 9:47pm CST
Is it possible to got o court in texas and get visitation to your grandchildren if you can prove how much love and time you have spent with them thus far yet you just can't get along with the parents?? My grandchildern love me very much and I can prove I am great with them and for them. I have helped them since the day they were born they now live out of town ( 4 hours driving) and monthly I to go visit them. I have never wanted to do anything but spend some quality time and be a good influence in their lives . I can prove how many times I tried to get along with the parents and how many countless times they hurt me, it is so tiring I just would like to have a set time and not have to deal with all the other mess.... Thanks, Tina
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