rocket in my heart ,never give up

@wuzhen (11)
May 6, 2007 2:56am CST
Today,rocket plays his last game. I ever thought YAO would win,rocket would fly ,but rocket likely had little enger.I'm sad ,very sad,because every game that has YAO I didn't miss. Maybe my hope was too big,but yao here. I can't lost my expect,I still support rocket ,support YAO. I'm a Chinese,my English is poor,if giving some diffcult to reader ,I'm sorry .THANKS.
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@hnqyxl (1)
• China
6 May 07
I am a loyal Rockets fan.I support and focus on every game the team play.The failure of the game against Jazz caused me so disappointed. As a chinese,I am very proud that Yao can play in NBA,but his turnovers are so large and many that basically ruined his team.I feeled so angry and disappointed. Macgrady was always in bad condition,he is a star,but not super star.
• China
24 May 07
I am a loyal Rockets fan,too.I was very sad when the last game ended.However Rockets have played many attractive matches in this regular season,they deserved being respected.Definitely MacGraddy and YAO will go futher in the next season!
• China
12 Jun 07
I like rocket just because of Yao.NO matter he will win or not,I'll support him forever.