In love with boyfriend's close friend! Pathetic!

May 6, 2007 3:42am CST
I fell in love with one best friend of my boyfriend,and days ago after a big fight with my boyfriend, i told his friend about my crush on him. I was thrilled to find out he was also in love with me. However,we could ,got so stuck in the position, do nothing about our emotion!We kind of got trapped in this situation,and when we met each other the next day,we even didn't talk over 3 sentences.we were too embarassed! i can't help thinking about him everyday, and caring about him!what should i do?
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@mystery5 (351)
• India
7 May 07
Are you sure you're in 'love' with each other? Did you know him before you fell in love with him? Because any feelings you might have for anyone just by looking at their face and the way they walk and talk, is just infatuation. You love someone if you fit together emotionally and intellectualy. You people might not even have anything much in common! Take it easy, tell him that you just want to be friends for a while. Take some time out to discover each other and if you feel that he's cut out for you and vice versa, go ahead!
• China
8 May 07
I've been in the same relationship ,which is also my first one,for 5years,and i still can't figure out what love is! wish someone could tell me!then i would be much more sure
• Philippines
6 May 07
Check well your feelings, because sometimes we say that we are inlove but the truth of the matter was that; we ar not... It just sometimes.... an outburst of emotions, especially when we have a comparison... Like on your side, you have been with your boyfriend and of course you also see how his bestfriend acts towards you, because of that confession. Remember this, that feeling of comparison sometimes will bring us to harm than good... But still... check your EMOTION.
• China
8 May 07
YOU may be right,after i told the boy about my feeling,he just said that he could do nothing but time would help us forget each other^^^^^ i thought maybe Time really would help, if i still feel the same way about him over a very long time,i would know what to do. and if i can get over him,that would mean i am not really in love with him! Check my emotion first,thank you