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May 6, 2007 7:24am CST
I am very new to this and had 3 "friends" within the first 2 days. My very first post was an important discussion to me, a dissertation on how basing our global society on greed has a negative effect on everything. The first three responces I got seemed to be trashing my idea and it also seemed none of them actually read it completely or even got the concept. Then I noticed one of these three people was one of my new "friends" so I immediately removed him. Do I really need a friend like this? I feel getting paid (even this isn't some kind of scam to start with) is inconsequetial, I just liked the idea of a place to exchange ideas and information with those of like interests. I currently have six "friends" on my list and I only really know three of them (I would have had seven if I hadn't removed the one clown lol). I'm just wondering if the majority of people using this site are so desperate for a few pennies they are willing to call ANYONE a friend. Judging from the posts I've seen, quite a few seem pretty desperate for money. I started to answer a computer question then realized the next post was related and from the same author, then I noticed the entire PAGE was like that. It looked like this kid had gone down a list of his homework questions in some college course, hoping everyone here would do his homework for him. I'm still trying to decide, do I really want "friends" like this?
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@sjohnson628 (3197)
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6 May 07
I don't have people on my friends list that start discussions like the one you are referring to here. Eventually their discussions will be deleted so why even bother to respond to those one line questions discussions? I wish more people would read the do's and don'ts before posting. I admit when I was new I didn't read them but now that I know the rules better I am trying to do more quality posting and responding. Welcome to mylot and I see you already have the hang of it for this is a high quality post to me.
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