Communism has become a cliche?

May 6, 2007 7:57am CST
Most countries have thrown out communism and accepted capitalism as their economic policy.People have now realised that communism grow in penury.There always need a class clash for the communist existence.A communist country will never make any economic progress.That's why even the communist hardliner china has now virtually become a cpitalist country
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@ntejani17 (742)
• Pakistan
6 May 07
Yes man you are right most countries had accepted capitalism and it's also true that a communist country will never make any economic progress.
@PsychoDude (2018)
• Netherlands
6 May 07
Communism will only work if you live in a society in which you take up your role and stick to that. Communists will probably do that, but the citizens in a communist country which aren't communistic will not, making the system not work. Whilst in a capitalistic system it is pretty much everybody for themselves, so you will have to work in order to get money so you can survive. In the animal kingdom similarities to communism can be found to be working out, in example with bees, termites, ants, etcetera. The closest what humans have ever gotten to a communistic system on a massive scale was the Borg in star trek. There are some minor communes though which live in communistic style throughout the entire world in which it works out a lot better, but these are small and not many. In the past though during the industrial revolution it was less weird for there to be houses built by factories and such, if you worked there you got a house, you got food, you got clothing, etcetera. One of the factories which has done this in example was Phillips.
• Sri Lanka
6 May 07
Reminds me of the bad old days when Russia preached Communism to the world. To learn the facts about Communism and Capitalism the President of Mars sent a reporter to this world. The reporter landed in the Red Square of Russia. He called a passer by and showing a big factory asked him to whom it belongs. "It is ours" the man said. He then went into the factory and saw many worker assigned to machines. When asked whose machines they were they said "They are ours". The reporter was very happy. He left the factory through the back door and saw three cars parked behind the factory. He asked a man whose cars they were. "They are ours, belongs to all of us", answered the man. But the reporter was confused. How could all of them travel in three cars, "No, we don't travel in them. Only the factory manager, trade union leader and the party secretary travels in them", clarified one man. The reporter was very happy about communism. Now before leaving he wanted to study the concept of Capitalism in America. So he came in his flying saucer and landed near a large factory manufacturing motor vehicles. "Whose factory is that?" he asked a passer by. "It belongs to Ford", the reporter was shocked. Such a large factory belonging to one man. He went into the building and discovered that all the equipment also belongs to Ford. Sad about the situation he was leaving through the back door and saw rows and rows of beautiful cars parked behind. "So that must be Ford's too!", he told a man nearby. "No they are ours", the man said, "All of us come to work in our own car". The reporter was so confused about the difference between Capitalism and Socialism that he could not write his report.