Hugh White and Brown Dog

May 6, 2007 9:46am CST
Please give me your comments. I was once going for lunch from my office, I observed this white and brown dog sitting next to the Guard Room, it was a beautiful fellow but because of it is size I was scared. No sooner I passed the guard room, this fellow started following me upto my house. I was so scared no sooner I reached home I ran inside the house and told my Mummy that there is a dog outside. She came rushing outside and there was not a hum from the dog, my mother gave him a plate of food. Then it became very friendly and he comes to live me in office and then goes back home. He knows my office timings and comes to pick and drop me. It is amazing this dog is not mind, from where did he come? I dont understand but finally it became my best friend. For weekends I take him to the river to play by throwing a ball in the fast flowing water, it brings it back. It goes before me to the river so that if he sees a cobra in the field, he barks, and barks until the cobra goes, then he let me go.
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