why do parenz show partiality between a son and a daughter ?

@sunny5u (2072)
May 6, 2007 12:23pm CST
when v have to go out also they allow first boys if v please n please n if v show them reasons then only they allow girls..........in liberty, n in many others i just cant understand y n wtz d reason.
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• India
17 Jun 07
Its so simple why we show more importance on our year end exams compared to regular and routine exams.... In the first if suppose something goes wrong we should loose a year in the later nothing can be lost.. In the same way if something goes wrong to a Girl then the sufferor is the Girl and the total Family.
@justvenkys (1359)
• India
19 May 07
I hope this a bit wrong conclusion. It depends upon the parents behaviour. I have seen parents who allow their daughter to sleep in other boy friends home also.
@mayamber (138)
• India
16 May 07
i think the main for this is that girls cannot defend themselves may be because of their strength. this world is a very dangerous place where anything could happen and the elders now that. thats why they fear of sending girls out unnecessarily.
• India
8 May 07
There are several reasons behind it. Parents are afraid to send thier daughters outside without any reason, as they are afraid of their daughter's security. In todays world , women are still not safe to move freely everywhere. You can check it anytime by opening a newspaper or TV channel. Parents feels more anxious about thier daughters if they go out, so naturally the parents try to keep the daughters within home as much as possisble. In other cases, parents are partial to thier sons as even today people consider the sons as thier assets and daughters as liabilities. It is due to the social discriminations. There are still systems like dowry is alive and active.
@diillu (5128)
6 May 07
I think it is because of the society.. Parents shows the partiality just to protect girl. Just protect her so that other people doesn't get chance to point finger at her. Most of the society doesn't think that for girl staying out is not so good. I think that is the main reason and parents are doing for thier daughters.