How I define a terrorist

May 6, 2007 12:35pm CST
A terrorist, in my humble opinion, is someone who has a weak viewpoint, and chooses to spread that viewpoint through fear and falsehood. Tapping into the mob mentality of the mass, a terrorist stirs up enough support to snowball into violence and bloodshed. It has always interest me about how terrorism can be stopped. Some try to use brutal force, killing and imprisoning those who support these movements. Others try to fight fire with fire, drumming up a blind witch hunt to isolate and exterminate supporters. And then there are a few who actually sit down and work things out step by step. History has proven that repression only makes movements stronger. Those who seek to destroy others, often find themselves left empty, when differences are resolved. Eventually, differences will be resolved one way or the other, the only problem is always the body count.
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