WoW Druids Speak Up: What was the hardest part of leveling?

United States
May 6, 2007 12:48pm CST
As a druid, I am wondering what other players found challenging about leveling up this character.
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@merge8 (73)
• Canada
30 Oct 08
I found nothing really.. as lvling up feral.. .you attack stuff and dps hard. and when you get low you just heal your self and by the time you go to heal your self again your mana has regened so its like a infinate grind state.. Balance - you go oom very fast from what i remember i do not know about the new patch but i find that its not good to lvl up balance... Resto - resto is the slowest way to lvl.. i meen you do no damage and you just depend on other people for killing stuff.. if you instance grind all day with a good group it is fine... TIP: lvl up feral.. Stack Agi and STR and just blast stuff away do quests for even more experence.. if you don't like this way of playing then respec to what ever you enjoy more.. you might lvl a bit slower but you enjoy the game much more... i have been playing druid for quite a while now and i find that it is a great class to play overall great at everything. Happy lvling hope you enjoy the wonderfull class that is druid