is there such a thing as past and future?

@sahiba77 (178)
May 6, 2007 2:19pm CST
We only ever experience what is happening now.There is no future. What we call the future only ever occours when it has become now.but at that point it is nolonger future.If now the past and the future can only happen now,Does everything occur now, is all time happening at the same moment? How would this idea effect the notion of time? I expect i ll get very few responses.And those that i do get may not understand wat m trying to say... But wat do u think any how......?
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@PsychoDude (2018)
• Netherlands
6 May 07
It is sort of like the entire idea that nobody would exist and we are all but an imagination of ourselves, or heck not even but just a personality of someone else. It are weird things to actually debate about since you can't prove it wrong nor can you prove it right. No-one can definitely prove without a doubt that there is such thing as a past or that anything as a future exists. But personally I think you're just thinking too much when discussing those sort of things, and well yeh, where would we leave of anyways if there would be no past and no future ;).