How about your rivals?

@magica (3710)
May 6, 2007 3:03pm CST
when you like somebody and you are not the only one who wants to be with this person, what is your usual behaviour? Will you fight and what are your usual methods? Will you try to underline your advantages? Or may be to underline your rival`s misavantages? Will you keep good comunication with your rival or will you treat him as enemy? How about the fairplay? Sometimes they say that "In the war and in love all tools are allowed". Do you share this view or not?
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@munhozmib (3853)
• Sao Paulo, Brazil
6 May 07
Well, the girl I love loves another guy. I know him, although I am not his friend. I do not talk to him because we have no contact, there's no point on me going there and talking to him. He is from another classroom. Anyway, I don't blame him. I blame myself. Who asked me to be so... stupid? I just try to improve my own self everyday to become the loved guy.
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@winterose (39917)
• Canada
6 May 07
I don't compete with anyone for friendship. If a person is a friend to me, they don't need me to fight to keep our friendship, If I had to do that that person was not a good friend to me to start with. I would not treat either person you describe as an enemy, I would be hurt that my friend choose to forget about me because of someone new, but that was her choice and so I will just walk away. and no I do not agree with the statement you quoted either.
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• United States
6 May 07
if I like to see a person and he has another woman that wants to see him too, I would ignore the rival and concertrateon the man.Does he like me? Do we have something in common?When can I see him? It is up to him to choose. Any bad thing or underhanded thing won't get him to like me. If he likes me,and not the other person, then he will oick me.If he lkes the other person, then he will pick her.There's nothing I can do but wait to see whom he chooses.
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@laltu86 (1253)
• India
6 May 07
I dont belive i have a rival , yes i may have person who shares my likes , but i wont call him/her my rival i belive may the best man (women) win. So its a win-win situation for both , aand sucess comes to whoom who is sincere and dedicated and i am both.