minimum payout 5$ to 10$

Brisbane, Australia
May 6, 2007 3:34pm CST
Adbux site changed their minimum payout rate from 5$ to 10$. I was so happy when I reached to 5$ but this change taken place now. I want to ask you people how did you feel when you got this message about changing in minimum payout rate? It may happen that new comers for this site may take less interest. Isn't it?
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@honeyangel (1992)
7 May 07
i never receved a email about this,i found out on mylot someone posted it up,i dont mind i see it as a little bank for me to save up,so far ive had 2 $5 pay out and only 50cents away for my $10.i feel this is a easy site to build up your money
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• Brisbane, Australia
10 May 07
Good, keep it up! Ia m sure you earning good from other sites too with the help of referrals. ;)
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@PsychoDude (2018)
• Netherlands
6 May 07
Myself I joined just after it changed so not much of a difference for me. With no referrals the income is going slow, but well yeh, will be nice to see how long it takes before it gives a payout, due to that now taking twice as long I guess some might stay away although in theory it wouldn't really matter I say since whether it is just one payout or two, it will remain 10$ over the same period of time.
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• Brisbane, Australia
7 May 07
That's true! AS I said for new comers after changing this minimum payout rate, not gonna make any difference but they have to wait till 10$ for 1st payout. Wish you lots of referrals ;)
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@ydiwan (448)
• India
7 May 07
firstly what is this adbux site is it something like ??? if it is then it is not fare for them to change the minimum payout infact they should keep the minimum payout to the derivatives of the new members joining so i think it should be an option and not a compultion. yes it may effect new members and they might consider not to join it.
• Canada
12 May 07
When they raised the payout minimum from $5 of $10, it annoyed the crud out of me!! Now I have reched $5 and I have to wait to earn another $5. I know I'll get my money eventually, and it'll probably be a good way to save it for a bit, but it's still annoying when you get so close and they put it just out of reach.