Wedding Foods ~ Classic =Boring Bring on the good food!

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May 6, 2007 6:23pm CST
I am starting to get really tired of only having the options of chicken, beef, or fish when I attend a wedding. I know that these apply to everyone's tastebuds and it is classic and all, but they are so boring! I am about sick of prime rib, potatos, and carrots. Then you get the other get the weird off the wall fancy schmancy foods that you can't pronounce and are not even sure what it is. Not good for a wedding. My husband and I are going to have a vow renewal which will pretty much be our wedding ceremony. We want real food. Maybe a BBQ for a backyard picnic style, or maybe we can cater in a taco bar. Give me some ideas. What are some GREAT foods that are not fancy pants or boring that couls work well at a wedding type event. It's not very formal, but we still want some good food.
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@twilight021 (2060)
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6 May 07
Oo...I love the idea of a taco bar! El taco noche is always a big hit at my house. I know what you mean though, the food at weddings is fine, tastes good enough, but is not exciting by any standards. I really like the "bar" idea in any situation. What about a pasta bar? You can have a few differnt pasta's and many different sauces. If you want to do a BBQ type thing what about a build you own burger bar....this might be too casual, but as you can see I really like your "bar" idea. You could have different burger types (beef, turkey, veggie...) and then many different toppings. I recently had a buger topped with cole slaw and Russian dressing. It was heaven! I'm from New Englad, so I also aways think clam bakes are fun...but if people aren't big on seafood, then that's kind of a touch one...can be pricey too depending on your location. Good luck!
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7 May 07
Thanks for all the suggestions! I wish I could do a clam bake thing, but being in Colorado makes that kind of difficult. LOL I like the burger bar idea for sure. We are thinking a small backyard ceremony, so an elaborate burger bar would be way cooler than just regular burgers set out. Thanks!