Guys: What is your impression to a girl who drioves but cant change tires?

@Abbyey (760)
May 6, 2007 7:36pm CST
I love to drive and i love speed. I love to venture to different places. I love to keep my car neat and smelling good. My brother helps me take care of the engine and update the air filters. However there was one time i was with my bestfriend at Starbucks near one of our MALLS when the security guard told me that i have flat tires. I was shocked. I drove it slowly to the nearby gasoline station and asked a favor from their employee to help me change tire. More embarassing is that i dont have TOOLS. It was a bit late pass 10pm so they went to all the hassle to find some tools and get my tire replaced. I wonder what guys would think of me. A girl who cant change tires. :( What do you think?
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7 May 07
i dont see any problems.. its just the same thing as using the internet and not knowing how to fix the connection! i mean, it would be good to know how to, but it doesnt matter! i think its cool that a girl is involved with racing and all that, keep it up! just remember to bring tools w/ you all the time (jk)