The Death Penalty, For It or Against It?

@Rozie37 (15499)
May 6, 2007 10:03pm CST
There is a debate about whether or not the lethal injection should be stopped. It is very hard for me to say. I hate to here of anyone being killed whether it is legal or illegal, the thought of it makes me sick. I keep thinking to myself, is there anything someone could do to me to make me want them dead. I love my family so much more than I can even explain and if someone took one of them from me, it would be hard for me to forgive, very hard. But I know that I would need to find it in my heart to do so. That being said, I know that there is no one in there when the criminal takes his last breth that has not sinned. Now, I understand that they have been judged to be guilty in a court of law and the law states that some crimes are worthy of death. But I would not want anyone to be put to death on my account. It is just to much for me to even consider. I would not want him to go free, but to take someone's life is a big choice to make and after all that, the person could be found innocent. Just like all of these people who have been in jail for years and years and now DNA is causing them to be realeased. There is no amount of compensation you could give me for my loved one. You can not bring them back.
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