Nannies/carers with tattoos

My tattoo - My tattoo that was a birthday present from my parents. the 'yin and yang' of my dragon and panther.
May 6, 2007 10:50pm CST
A curious topic that is covered in my Social Sciences assignment for uni. As someone who is a nanny and does have a tattoo, I thought I'd choose this topic for my really huge assignment (50% of my grade). It is for parents and anyone alike, including other nannies, babysitters or carers, please share your view/thoughts/anything on nannies with tattoo/s in this modern day and age of self expression and exposure to tattoos. Would you hire one? Does it depend where the tattoo is? Is it really just about the quality of care for your child? Are you scared/concerned that your child would want colourful imagery on them as well?Here's an example- Me:D. I'm a young nanny/babysitter with 6 years experience. I'm definitely not someone who beats my own drum or HAS my own drum, but I know I'm a great nanny and do a darn good job. I do everything you ask; I love playing with children, teaching them things, helping them, anything and everything. I have one tattoo (the pic and it's about 5-6" long), it's on my shoulder blade and it means a lot to me. I've been employed by mum's who either have tattoos, want one, or do like them. Then I've had mothers who hate them, are repulsed by them and some asking me to never show her three year old daughter. Of course I've had the curious children asking if they can get one too or if I draw mine on everyday. So this is for everyone- I would really like to encourage any views, thoughts, anything on this topic from anyone, however if you really don't like the idea of it please don't put me or anyone else down. Thanks;)
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7 May 07
Personally I feel that the tattoo should not matter. What should be important is caring for the kids. Some people do worry about nannies with tattoos, and probably do worry that their kids would feel influenced, but what they may not realize is that the tattoo they have may mean something to them. Like you, you stated your tattoo means a lot to you, and it is a beautiful one, if I may add. So I find nothing wrong with it. If I had kids and I hired a nanny to watch them and she had a tattoo, I would not worry, as long as she cares for them in the way I ask and does her job, is all that matters. I find this a very interesting subject, and I do hope you get graded well on this. I hope I have helped you in some way.