What do you do when shiping an ebay item

United States
May 6, 2007 10:56pm CST
I never shiped anything in my life,when you go to the post office...what are the steps you do to ship the item you sell?Do you have to tell them it is for ebay? Is it embarasing?I want to sell some things but I have never shiped anything before,can anyone please help me out-Thank You
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• Malaysia
7 May 07
actually you do not need to tell them you are sending this for ebay items.you just ship out as normal procedures with other normal things you post.all you gotta do is just go to the post office and send the items.if you wanna use EMS then tell them you need EMS form to fill in.then just fill the particulars like receiver and sender's address. then just hand the item to them and they will do the delivery for you to the buyers.if you gonna ship out from your country then just ask them what is the requirement forms to be fill in.mostly you need to fill in custom declaration form stating the item is legal.you can even ask them what is the shipping cost to send the specific country.they will tell you the rates. so there is nothing to be embarrassed for.once you know the procedure to be settle everything would be so easy for you later on.
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
7 May 07
I have never found it embarrassing, no you don't have to tell the PO people it is am Ebay item although I have found by getting the PO people as I go to a small PO Office they help me and have told many of the good hints when sending things, I must say the people at the PO have inspited me a lot with my Ebay selling.