lost is not the same anymore anyone agrees

May 6, 2007 11:32pm CST
so you guys reckon that lost is losing alot of fans because i belive the dierctors don't know where their going with the epsoides and they make them all along as they go no offence to all the lost fans out there because i was a fan once but do you guys reckon that lost has lost it's touch on its fans? i know i do because i use to whatch it once but i don't anymore
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@juicemilk (2286)
• Australia
7 May 07
nope, i think it's still the same as it ever was. I think the producers/writers deliberately make the show confusing and drawn out to keep the viewers hooked, and I think it's been like that since day 1. We're up to season 3, and what have we really learned about the island and it's inhabitants? Not a lot really, and I think that's the writer's plan. If they revealed everything too soon then what would be the point in continuing to watch? If the show has lost some viewers, then I think that says more about the viewers than it does about the show, as I don't think the show has changed from it's original style and purpose :)
@suzieb (188)
• United States
9 May 07
I agree! I watch with my husband, but he has no choise, watch or go somewhere. He's great, but he can't grasp the show. I do have friends to talk to about it though and they have their views about what's going to happen, but they fit to the plot. It's kinda like a choose your own adventure, but someone else picks the path.
@0Impact0 (69)
• United States
23 May 07
It's a lot more abstract, but that's because there had to be a concrete base of reality (the plane crash) to begin the show with. I heard that the producers/writers had said they have the entire thing planned out already and I think that the 3 more season cap enforces that. This show won't be like the Simpsons in the end where all the new episodes aren't even worth watching!
@royal52gens (5380)
• United States
9 May 07
I read an article on another site recently and they are saying that Lost will end in 2010. So between now and then, the mysteries and storylines will be worked out and then we will all understand everything. They also said it was very unusual to announce the end date of a show so early.
@fadamah (163)
• Brazil
7 May 07
I agree... I'm so fed up with all these misteries and no answers. It seems the writers don't know what they're doing anymore.